Customer FIRST Programs for Wonderware

Get the most from your Wonderware software investment

Customer FIRST Maintenance and Support

The Wonderware Customer FIRST Software Maintenance and Support Program is a flexible portfolio of services that help protect and extend the value of your Wonderware products and solutions across their entire lifecycle.

A Customer FIRST Agreement is a formal service relationship with Schneider Electric that enables access to the latest software upgrades, expert technical assistance, self-help tools and a wide range of additional services to help you improve your operational effectiveness.

Your software investment extends well beyond the initial purchase and installation price of the software itself.

Extracting maximum competitive advantage requires constant maintenance, upgrade and tuning to meet emerging business and operational challenges. The award-winning Wonderware Customer FIRST program offers a wide array of support service programs to keep your company’s competitive edge sharp, including the following:

  • Software upgrades, to be sure your teams are armed with the most advanced Wonderware versions
  • Technical support from experts that are adept at resolving issues quickly, capitalizing on years of experience
  • Software utilities, including a massive global customer support website and tools for software asset management
  • A wide range of optional services and system management applications to help manage, optimize and use Wonderware software to its fullest potential

The value of Customer FIRST

Customer FIRST pays for itself many times over, maximizing the return on your entire industrial software investment in the following ways:

  • Protect Critical Investments — Customer FIRST agreements wire you in to product enhancements and the latest industry advances, so you can be confident that your software and applications are truly state-of-the-art
  • Maximize Asset Performance — Keeping your Wonderware software operating at its peak is a great way to maximize return on your investment in all plant assets
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership — Reduce TCO by minimizing downtime and process interruption and improving operator productivity


    Customer FIRST Programs for Wonderware

    Schneider Electric offers several Customer FIRST Programs for Wonderware software, designed to help you extract the most value from your software investment.

    Customer FIRST for Wonderware

    A multi-tier program to keep your software current and ensure the operations of your plant, and tools to efficiently manage your system.

    Customer FIRST for Wonderware IntelaTrac

    Two levels of services ensure that your mobile users are productive and your system remains state of the art.

    Customer FIRST for Wonderware Skelta BPM

    A diverse program offering two distinct levels for your workflow solution, with the higher level including full version upgrades.

    Customer FIRST for Wonderware eDNA

    Two levels of services featuring round-the-clock access to both technical product and application layer support and services.

    Customer FIRST for Wonderware Electronic Billing Solution (EBS)

    Two levels of services featuring round-the-clock access to both technical product and software maintenance and services.

    Our Mission: Your Success

    Learn more about how software maintenance and support can be a competitive strategy that helps sustain and improve operational performance.

    What’s New?

    Participation in the Customer FIRST programs for Wonderware, IntelaTrac and Skelta BPM, is the fastest way to keep abreast of what is new across the entire Wonderware offering. We are also constantly evolving existing support programs themselves, developing new ways to help maximize your investment and provide the product-specific support to help meet your growing demands.

    A few of the many new features that meet your growing demands are listed below:

    Global Customer Support (GCS) Website

    Web-based access to the enormous Wonderware software knowledge base, support case management and software downloads makes the Global Customer Support (GCS) website an invaluable resource. Powerful self-help capabilities and a new search engine connect users to valuable information and software, quickly and efficiently.

    Customer Benefits App

    The Customer FIRST Benefits App brings Wonderware support resources to mobile devices. Keep details of your support agreement handy so you can know immediately what is covered. Learn new technical tips and tricks and stay current onsupport related events and software news.

    Real-time System Monitoring and Services

    Monitor your Wonderware systems and keep them running optimally with Schneider Electric’s Sentinel. Sentinel is a software application installed at your plant and available through Customer FIRST. It continuously monitors your Wonderware applications and system hardware, identifies upset conditions and alerts you to potential issues before they manifest into real problems. Optional services give you access to experts to: install, configure and maintain Sentinel onsite for you; monitor your Wonderware solutions 24/7/365; and fine-tune your applications annually for peak performance.

    Click for more information on Sentinel or to see a video.

    Software Asset Manager

    Keep track of all your installed Wonderware software and licenses easily and report quickly as needed. From a single location, download relevant software updates — like patches, fixes or service packs — and push the files to the appropriate computers on your network for later installation. Click here to see a video on Software Asset Manager.

    Putting Wonderware to Work for You

    Wonderware has local representation, support and training through our distribution network. To enroll in a Wonderware Customer First program, please contact your local Wonderware distributor.