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Wonderware Scandinavia

Welcome to our local webpage for Wonderware and Citect solutions Scandinavia. Scroll down to find information about local training schedule, webinars, events, trade shows and contact information.


Wonderware Scandinavia is a distributor of AVEVA software solutions where Wonderware and Citect are included. AVEVA is a global leader within design, simulation and industrial software with an end-to-end industrial software portfolio driving the digital evolution across the entire lifecycle of equipment and processes to maximize the return and improve the profitability. 

Wonderware Classroom Training

We offer standard training classes in our Wonderware offices or on customer sites and also customized classes with at specific program. All our courses start at 09.00 in the morning and end at 16.00 in the afternoon. Lunch, coffee and beverages are included in the price.

Below you can see the list of local trainings for Wonderware.


WeekStartdateDurationCourseCityRegister byPrice in DKK
4826-Nov4 DaysSupervisory ClientsBallerup12-Nov14,600
421-Jan4 DaysApplication ServerBallerup07-Jan15,100
604-Feb4 DaysSupervisory ClientsBallerup21-Jan15,100
925-Feb4 DaysMES OperationsBallerup11-Feb15,100
2012-May4 DaysApplication ServerBallerup28-Apr15,100
2226-May4 DaysSupervisory ClientsBallerup12-May15,100
For Citect SCADA trainings we refer to the Swedish schedule


To register for any Denmark training topics, please send an email.




WeekStartdateDurationCourseCityRegister byPrice in NOK
4903-Dec4 DaysApplication Server 2017Oslo19-Nov15,800
5010-Dec4 DaysSupervisory ClientOslo26-Nov15,800


To register for any Norway training topics, please send an email.




WeekStartdateDurationCourseCityRegister byPrice in SEK
421-Jan3 DaysCitect SCADA 2018 R2 Configuration Alias GrundkursLandskrona07-Jan16,500
528-Jan4 DaysWonderware Historian/Historian ClientBallerup14-Jan22000
64-Feb1 DayCitect SCADA 2018 R2 WorkspaceLandskrona21-Jan5,500
103-Mar2 DaysCitect SCADA 2018 Programming with CicodeLandskrona18-Feb11000
1110-Mar4 DaysInTouch OMIBallerup25-Feb22000
1217-Mar2 DaysCitect SCADA 2018 Architecture and ReduncandyLandskrona03-Mar11000
1721-Apr3 DaysCitect SCADA 2018 R2 Configuration Alias GrundkursLandskrona07-Apr16,500
195-May4 DaysApplication ServerBallerup21-Apr22000
232-Jun4 DaysSupervisory ClientBallerup19-May22000


To register for any Sweden training topics, please send an email.



Send an email to Denmark Training | Sweden Training | Norway Training.

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Contact Us

  • Denmark

    Henrik Dybdahl Andersen - +45 27730130
    Henrik Hansen - +45 2630 0788
    Peder Henriksen, Country Sales Manager - +45 2610 5052
    Email - sales [at] wonderware.dk

    Support Wonderware:
    Tel +45 4488 5670
    Email - support [at] wonderware.dk

    Support Citect:
    Tel +45 4488 5670
    Email - citect.support [at] aveva.com
    Web - https://sw.aveva.com/support/citect

    Helen Lindros - +46 706 316926

    Address: c/o Schneider Electric Danmark, Lautrupvang 1, DK-2750 Ballerup
    Switch +45 4488 5660

  • Norway

    Bjørnar Brunsvik - +47 4846 6278
    Jan-Ivar Pettersen - +47 9828 4452
    Geir Nygaard, Country Sales Manager, +47 9828 4459
    Email - sales [at] wonderware.no

    Support Wonderware:
    Tel +47 6781 5161
    Email - support [at] wonderware.no

    Support Citect:
    Tel +47 3330 0950
    Email - support [at] autic.no
    Web - https://auticsystem.zendesk.com/hc/no

    Helen Lindros - +46 706 316926

    Address: c/o Schneider Electric Norge, Sandstuveien 68, NO-0680 Oslo
    Switch +46 6781 5151

  • Sweden

    Bengt Grönlund - +46 762 208030
    Daniel Carlsen - +46 706 015798
    Gaston Astorga - +46 707 538736
    Patrik Steiner, Country Sales Manager - +46 702186993
    Email - sales [at] wonderware.se

    Support Wonderware:
    Tel +46 4038 4455
    Email - support [at] wonderware.se

    Support Citect:
    Tel +46 4038 4455
    Email - citect.support [at] aveva.com
    Web - https://sw.aveva.com/support/citect

    Helen Lindros - +46 706 316926

    Address: Wonderware Scandinavia AB,
    c/o AVEVA AB, Box 50555,
    Drottninggatan 18 (3 vån), 202 15 MALMÖ
    Switch +46 4038 4450