What’s New with MES/Quality

We keep improving the quality of our software to make it easier for you to keep improving the quality of your operations.

Latest Updates from
Wonderware MES/Quality

Wonderware MES/Quality includes improved sampling, quality variation analysis and updated SPC charts. The new BPM connector exposes APIs to enterprise models.

New Sampling Methods

New sampling methods, based on production unit count, to generate sampling after X units of production have been reported. Future samples of a sample plan are then predicted based on the standard production rate defined for the product currently produced.

Sample Recording Object Enhancements

Sample Recording Object Enhancements to allow spontaneous triggering of a quality data sample to be taken e.g. in case of unplanned event or specific process conditions.

Minimize Quality Variation

Define cause/cause groups and assign a cause to a sample, to better analyze the reasons of quality variations or deviation.

Updated SPC Charts

The SPC charts are updated to offer more information and display options including statistics on the chart, individual values, mean, and range as well as Cp / Cpk / Pp / Ppk KPI’s.

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