MES/Quality - Features

Complete functionality for sample data collection in automated and manual work order execution and using that data to drive product quality closer to targets or stay within specification limits.

Quality Feature Set

The MES/Quality software include functionality to automate quality data collection, visualization, measurement, analysis and optimization. It also facilitates documenting results, integration with other applications and standardizing quality controls across single or multiple sites.


Enhance operational agility while securing compliance through dynamic quality sample plan management. Automate quality data collection for ever-changing production schedules, based on current work order execution status.


Enable statistical process control rule violation notifications, automatically provided to operators when entering quality sample data. Trigger corrective action to limit or even avoid quality losses.


Display manual and automatic collected sample data in SPC charts in near real time to production or quality operators for quality control. Gain near real-time quality monitoring, with visual indications of non-conformance and SPC rule violation to reduce the lead time to corrective actions and minimize impact on operations.


Leverage SPC analysis to “predict” quality issues and, in response, trigger preventive actions to avoid quality losses before they cost time and money.


Empower process engineers to improve yields by driving quality closer to specification limits and reduce quality giveaway; access detailed history on quality data and Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts.


Reduce compliance cost with a complete electronic system record  of operational quality activities and product quality data.


Complement enterprise quality management systems with sampling execution capabilities on automated processes, or for interoperability with manufacturing.


Identify best practices and unify the operational processes for quality data collection, Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA), Non-conformance (NC), material disposition, sign-off approvals, or any other event in a quality context across plants.

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