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Wonderware Historian

The latest Historian includes a managed option, new tagging and data consolidation capabilities.

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Wonderware Historian

Our global support team and network of distributors field requests for new features from customers every day.

Each new version reflects continued refinement to improve the customer experience. Customers asked for help in reducing capital expenses. We answered with an online version in which we  manage your historical data collection as a service. We watched databases growing to enormous sizes so we added more tags, to enable you to create associations that can give you new competitive and operational advantages from all that data.

In recognition of the fact that alarms, events and process operations are often interdependent, we broke with tradition to allow you to consolidate all three in one report.

Reduce Capital Expense

Reduce capital expenses and Information Technology (IT) burden with our managed Historian as a Service offering, Wonderware Online InSight.

Store millions of tags

Store millions of tags, enabling handling the largest industrial sites or summarizing data from multi-site, global organizations.

Consolidate Your Data

Consolidate, alarm, event and process history with new System Platform applications, making it easier than ever to develop reports containing all three types of data.

New Tag Types and Power Utilities

Import values and rename fields more easily, with expanded tag types and new power utilities.

New Retrieval Interface

Replace SQLXML, with new web service retrieval interface.

Wonderware Historian helps you acquire, archive and retrieve your data

With the ever increasing amount of data produced by the Internet of Things (IoT), it's never been more important to bring context to your data. No matter when or where you need your industrial information, you can trust Wonderware Historian.

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