Wonderware Historian

Wonderware Historian is the ultimate repository of data for industrial decision makers.

Uncompromising Data Integrity

Regardless of your industry, Wonderware Historian will maintain data Integrity needed for the most demanding requirements.

In remote upstream oil and gas, food and beverage, water and wastewater or other applications, the data collection capability of Wonderware Historian is there 24/7 to ensure that nothing is lost in transmission. If messages are intermittent, late, or arriving in bursts—that is no problem; the high performance Wonderware Historian data storage engine can keep up.

Do you have data coming in from systems with mismatched system clocks? That's not a problem either; Wonderware Historian preserves the correct data sequence automatically.

Millions of Data Tags

Configure Wonderware Historian for any industrial facility, from a single site to a multi-facility global enterprise.

Historian’s ability to handle millions of tags provides plenty of capability to collect and store all of your vital process, alarm and event data. Monitor a single process or an entire facility. Store data locally and aggregate at the enterprise level, fulfilling the most demanding analysis and reporting requirements.

  • Collect Data

    Capture data from basic single node sources or highly distributed sources, anywhere in the world.

    • Validate Data

      Apply built-in data validation procedures to assure you that your data is accurate.

      • Archive Data

        Preserve everything from short term diagnostics to a long term records needed to support regulatory requirements.

        Save Money

        Reduce data storage costs by more than 80 percent through ultra-efficient data storage algorithms.

        Power Query

        Extract more value from legacy systems faster – via proprietary high speed data acquisition and storage on a Microsoft SQL Server.

        Scale Safely

        Apply to a single process or grow to a large widely distributed information management solution serving dozens of sites and hundreds of users worldwide.


        Interface via the industry leading Wonderware InTouch HMI for maximum return on your software investment.

        Leverage the Cloud

        Enjoy cost savings, disaster recovery and much more with Wonderware Online InSight, the latest incarnation of our Wonderware Historian.

        See What Wonderware Historian
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