Wonderware eDNA
Real-Time Enterprise Data Historian

Wonderware eDNA offers real-time enterprise data management that bridges the IT/OT information gap. It collects, stores, displays, analyzes and reports on operational and asset health related information for more timely and informed decisions.

What is Wonderware eDNA?

Wonderware eDNA is an enterprise-wide real-time data management software platform. It collects, stores, displays, analyzes, and reports on operational and asset health related information to transform real-time data into actionable insights.

  • High-fidelity, lossless compression

    The software application includes a highly scalable enterprise data historian for efficiently archiving and providing rapid retrieval of high fidelity time series data. An advanced lossless compression technology is used to minimize the required storage capacity while maintaining the original collected resolution of the data.

  • Scalable access to real-time information

    Wonderware eDNA supports the ability to easily integrate with hundreds of control, monitoring and other enterprise business systems. eDNA’s advanced client tools, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and web technology allow real-time company-wide access to this information for timely and informed decisions.

Wonderware eDNA empowers enterprises to:

  • Bridge the information gap between IT/OT data sources such as process control, operations, IT and other business systems
  • Transform data into actionable information through real-time access to critical data in the right format for timely and informed decisions
  • Historize high-fidelity data across the enterprise using advanced, lossless compression technology to ensure data integrity is maintained
  • Secure valuable data and ensure that the right data gets into the right hands while addressing complex security and compliance requirements.

Lossless compression, whatever the scale

With more than three trillion events archived by eDNA servers each week, organizations achieve significant productivity, efficiency and reliability improvements through advanced data analysis and visualization. The software platform is a highly scalable solution with an enterprise data historian to efficiently archive and quickly retrieve time series data. A lossless compression technology is used to minimize the required storage capacity while maintaining the original resolution of the data

Seamless enterprise-level historian

Equipment and manufacturer agnostic, Wonderware eDNA’s library of standard interfaces provide links to hundreds of business, control and automation systems. eDNA’s distributed services architecture processes information on a single server or enables distribution on multiple servers throughout a series of networks, allowing unlimited scalability.

With eDNA’s native databridge capabilities, data can be easily replicated across the network from a plant-level historian to an enterprise-level eDNA historian. Wonderware eDNA is also able to seamlessly integrate with ERP, CMMS and other business systems.

High-availability and security: covered

Wonderware eDNA Redundancy enables high availability and fault-tolerant 24x7 collection and access to real-time data. This redundancy feature is native to eDNA, eliminating expensive and complex third-party redundancy services.

Wonderware eDNA’s security service helps meet security and compliance requirements by assuring that data gets into the right hands. Security can be defined on a point-by-point basis, and access control is initiated through the enterprise directory service, eliminating the need to have separate and unique controls. Security groups can be defined within eDNA Web, allowing or denying access for groups of users to Trends, Reports, or even data related to an entire group of assets.

Rapid retrieval improves decisions

Discover how National Grid UK has improved grid reliability by empowering their workforce with enterprise historian solution Wonderware eDNA.

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