What’s New In
Wonderware System Platform 2017

NextGen Visualization Client (OMI), Agile Cloud Development, Object Wizards, a Complete Automation Library, Native Multi-touch and Gesture Controls, Plug-and-Play Apps and Dynamic Application Build Out all help you to unite your process and enterprise.

Introducing the World’s First Operations Management Interface (OMI)

The NextGen visualization client, InTouch OMI is the world’s only Operations Management Interface that provides modern user interactions and is optimized to perform on every display screen–the first time, every time! Moreover, the same content is graphically rendered on different devices while maintaining the optimum target device’s screen resolution without any application re-engineering.

Built on the same core ArchestrA technology as Wonderware System Platform, InTouch OMI can co-exist on the same machine as InTouch for System Platform. We’ve also improved and simplified system scalability. You can now run an entire 100K IO application project on a single machine.

System Platform 2017 is even more versatile and powerful with the first ever responsive visualization engine. InTouch OMI visualization engine provides rich, modern user experiences across all platforms without requiring scripting or programming! Plus, its out-of-box framework provides native multi-monitor support, making multi-monitor configurations possible in less than 5 minutes.

In addition, Wonderware System Platform 2017 improvements include an updated UI visual experience, a simplified development environment and an enhanced ability to access and aggregate Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) data. The result is a new industrial software solution that leapfrogs traditional HMI/SCADA systems.

System Platform 2017 has expanded its vast connectivity to include MQTT, OPC UA, and RESTful web services, and also provides limitless scalability in order to support the IIoT data explosion by enabling running unlimited instances of the driver on same machine.

Key new features and functionality

The latest platform offers an even more open and collaborative environment than ever before

For ease of use and integration, System Platform 2017 offers 3rd party software partners an Apps SDK development environment to build native 'plug and play' contextualized apps. Apps SDK enables 3rd party developers to build WPF and web applications for InTouch OMI client and a means to convert existing .NET controls to WPF.

  • InTouch OMI NextGen Visualization Client

    The high performance engine can render 50 graphic displays of 4K resolutions per application. InTouch OMI is 6 to 10x faster in graphic rendering performance than InTouch System Platform on 1/10 memory footprint (e.g. 200 clients on single terminal server).

  • Responsive HMI Framework (Layouts/ Panes) Means Build Once

    Don’t waste time re-engineering graphics. Resolution independent, uniform HMI content looks stellar on different layouts, multi-monitors and mobile devices. This revolutionary new way to build reusable HMI applications is very similar to modern webpage development, and requires zero customization/scripting!

  • Object Wizards Enable Visual Standards Deployment

    Technicians can graphically configure & deploy the actual settings and options of the device at the point of commissioning. Object wizards drastically reduce the number of device templates required to accommodate different configurations for the same device.

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Complete Ready-to-Use Automation Library

A pre-tested library of device objects includes instruments, meters and valves. In addition, InTouch OMI provides faceplates and symbols with the Automation Library enabling DCS functionality out of the box for any PLC without the cost or complexity of a DCS. This greatly shortens time-to-value by providing 80% of a typical project out-of-box.

Multi-Touch & Gestures – The Magic Touch

Improve the user experience and usability of your HMI designs with intuitive human-centric interactions across all devices.

Powering the ‘App’ Revolution and Digital Transformation

Context-driven 'plug n play' apps improve productivity and efficiency through information-enabled operations.

The new Presenter App enables dynamic HMI content generation enabling quick dashboard visibility of KPIs across different plant areas.

The new Mapping App enables: 

  • Dynamic asset tracking of moving equipment/personnel  capability
  • Maps from Google Maps, Bing, OpenStreet and ESRI 
  • Layering of HTML5 based ArchestrA Graphic

Auto-Build Your Project and Auto Generate Standards

Select new communication drivers can automatically generate tags & create instances of the PLC control structures at the supervisory SCADA host. Build your applications at supersonic speed.

Model-based Smart Navigation

Eliminate the need to define every UI navigation link individually. Configuring the model in the IDE automatically creates navigation links, without any scripting. By using the Plant model, graphic linking and content keying, users can automatically designate the right graphics to the right screen and pane.

Smart Navigation now enables increased Operator awareness by providing alarm aggregation from the Model Tree navigation.

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Additional features and functionality

  • Lifecycle Optimization – Eliminate System Downtime

    Staged object re deployments facilitate continuous improvements without impacting production. This helps to maintain Operator runtime changes (setpoints, alarm limits) across redeployments. 

  • Historian InSight – Analytics Make Data Better

    Put insights into the hands of casual users. Wonderware Historian InSight provides quick data analysis with intuitive dashboards, charts and trends through a browser client.

  • Historical SCADA Playback – Instant Replay

    In the historical data stream, process graphics can replay past events that empower users with greater insights. This improves Operator training and troubleshooting.

Powerful Device Simulator – Need a Sneak Peek?

Built-in simulator and HMI live preview ensures your designs are optimized to perform on every display screen, the first time!

  • Test HMI design without physical devices
  • Test multi-monitor setup on single screen

Online InStudio Agile Cloud Development

Secure, on-demand infrastructure offers remote teams the ability to collaborate across proof-of-concept and maintenance lifecycle changes for increased productivity and faster time-to-value. Users can model their UI in the cloud with the identical look and feel of the target device to see the interface exactly as their end-users will see it.

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