Wonderware System Platform

InTouch Operations Management Interface (OMI) Visualization, Responsive HMI Development and Modern Device Extensibility make System Platform a powerful tool for industrial organizations of all scale and variety.

Enabling Unique Business Agility

Built like an operating system for industrial applications, Wonderware System Platform provides a single, scalable industrial platform designed to integrate your new and existing operational and IT systems into a unified visualization client, InTouch Operations Management Interface (OMI).

System Platform is designed to give you a competitive edge by enabling rapid change management that aligns with your shifting business or technology needs. System Platform 2017 enables enterprise-wide standardization compliance across processes, functional teams and sites. It’s a common infrastructure that can bring universal context to real-time processes, alarms, events and historical archived data across disparate business systems. That’s one common information model making system design and maintenance more efficient, flexible and secure.

System Platform 2017 improves the user experience by delivering “out-of-box” content and process visualization standards that greatly simplify the task of achieving optimal Situational Awareness of industrial processes. In addition, it works with any device, adding modern form factors, smart navigation and displays capable of delivering a superior operations experience.

Wonderware System Platform 2017 is extremely open and built to interface with countless hardware control devices and manufacturing systems. The system agnostic platform opens the doors to add and integrate a wide range of industrial software, such as Wonderware Skelta BPM, Wonderware MES Operations, Wonderware Intelligence, Wonderware IntelaTrac, Wonderware Dream Report, Wonderware InBatch, Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus and Wonderware Online.

Easy To Build

Experience as much as 60% reduction in engineering time, and set up multi-monitor configurations in less than 5 minutes by completely eliminating the need for UI scripting and out-of-box content. System Platform 2017 provides a complete HMI framework that transforms the way HMI builders design industrial user interfaces, moving from presenting data into the next evolution of displaying information in context. System Platform 2017 is designed to facilitate access to all the information across a company and supply chain by simply clicking on a device on the map and drilling down into its details.

Easy To Use

Task-oriented graphical workflows improve accessibility across non-engineering users such as technicians, HMI developers and business users by lowering the technical knowledge required for routine tasks like commissioning devices, editing HMI screens and analyzing reasons for equipment downtime.

These modern end-user experiences are opened up to all devices for optimal situational awareness. Responsive designs enable operators to focus on the most relevant process information on any screen at all times. Access efficient reporting and analysis tools such as intuitive prebuilt charts and dash boarding capabilities designed especially for non-technical business users.

Easy To Own

Operational excellence is not a destination, but a journey. System Platform 2017 is a foundation for operational excellence empowering organizations to continuously improve product quality, reduce costs increase agility and achieve competitive superiority. System Platform 2017 provides a phased, incremental approach to deploying changes in live production environments without any system downtime or re-engineering.

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Model-driven Information View

  • Enables enterprise-wide standardization and a single version of the truth by managing all operating data.
  • A common infrastructure that normalizes and contextualizes real-time process, alarms & events and historical archived data in disparate business systems around a common information model,a model that is relevant to all functional teams company-wide.
  • This makes the design and maintenance more efficient, flexible and secure.

Centralized, Multi-user Collaboration

  • System Platform is an unique collaboration platform for continuous improvement initiative. It ensures application integrity through corporate standardization compliance across processes, functional teams and sites.
  • Entire System configuration, administration and deployment can be managed locally or remotely.
  • Achieves a competitive edge by enabling rapid change management to align with changing business or technology drivers. Automatically propagating changes systematically across projects reduces risk and the time.

Out-of-the-box Situational Awareness (SA) Library

  • System Platform optimizes business performance by empowering end-users to take control of their automation processes and enabling actionable, profitable decisions in real-time.
  • Intelligent pre-built graphics content is adaptable, configurable, and incorporates situational awareness concepts; so you don’t need to be an expert in SA theory to successfully apply it in your HMI designs.
  • System Platform based graphics have built-in quality processing and diagnostic indication,enabling you to rapidly determine root causes of communications problems.
  • Increased effectiveness by 5 fold in detecting abnormal situations before system availability is impacted. A 37% improvement in the success rate for handling abnormal situations when they do occur. A 41% reduction in the time required to complete tasks.

Advanced Alarm Management

With out-of-the-box Alarm analysis, Operators can focus on process improvement and optimization and take proactive steps to minimize or avoid problems and unscheduled shutdowns instead of reacting from alarm to alarm.

  • Web-based application for visual analysis of historical alarm data provides the ability to quickly analyze alarm patterns and identify nuisance and ‘bad actor’ alarms that can lead to operator distractions.
  • Remote Alarm Call-out notifications and acknowledgements on mobile devices.
  • Alarm shelving support
  • Plant-State based alarm suppression
  • Alarm Border animations
  • Grouping and aggregation of active and historical Alarms by severity

Future-Proof Investment with Architectural Flexibility

  • System Platform enables applications scaling from a single node to hundreds of nodes without re-architecting the entire application. Simply drag and drop objects to deploy objects on to another machine and scale up from single box solution to client-server to multi-tier tier deployment without re-engineering solution. You can easily scale as your business grows.
  • Multi-tiering levels of Historian allows full fidelity of real-time data between the SCADA control network and Business network with total architectural flexibility, yet with secure domain isolation between the two networks.
  • Connects to any device or back-end system by using standard interfaces e.g. OPCUA, OPC DA,SQL, SOAP, HTTP/S, .NET for external connectivity.

Unparalleled Engineering Simplicity

  • System Platform makes it a breeze to engineers and system builders to implement and maintain SCADA platforms by maximizing automatic reuse and distribution of engineering content across the project lifecycle or yet another site.
  • I/O Auto Assignment. Greatly reduce traditional labor-intensive and time-consuming mapping to IOs. The I/O auto assignment provides an automated means of configuring application objects to devices and I/O.
  • Historical Statistical Summary Data. HMI can be fed data from the real-time data model as well as a time-based historical data model directly from the Historian without any code being written.  Operators can now gain a greater understanding of the process past, present, and potential future.

  • Remote, Mobile User Access

    • Uncompromised High Fidelity user experience & functionality with zero client administration
    • Identical look and feel of data, HMI visualization for remote and local Operators
    • Real-time monitoring and control for remote and mobile users using HTML5 enabled web browsers including mobile devices e.g. tablets and smart phones.

  • Cyber Security Protection

    • Role-based Active Directory Integration
    • Encrypted support for clients (HTTPS)
    • Comprehensive Audit trail of all user actions and system configuration changes
    • Data and Object Level access control

  • High availability and Reliability

    • Redundancy across the IO communications, application/server layer, visualization/client layer, and disaster recovery sites
    • Distributed control rooms with enterprise wide data synchronization
    • Integrated redundant Historian
    • Historical backfill with RTU Time stamp preservation

Fully Integrated Add-on Modules

System Platform Add-on Modules are tightly integrated with System Platform.

Wonderware System Platform is extremely open and interfaces to countless hardware control and measurement devices and manufacturing systems. It allows extensive re-use of engineering, eases maintenance burdens and extensibility while leveraging the latest IT computing technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing.

Wonderware Skelta BPM

Sophisticated industrial Business Process Management (BPM) application enables companies to Model,Execute, Analyze and Improve processes inside and outside of their organization to drive higher levels of collaboration, productivity and innovation.

Wonderware MES Operations/Performance Software

Implement work order management, bill of materials, specifications, data collection and traceability(track/trace/genealogy) to enhanced capabilities such as inventory management, certifications, labor and production steps. Delivers critical equipment downtime and efficiency information to operators and decision-makers.

Wonderware Intelligence

EMI—Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence—a single view of disparate entities data into Key Performance Indicators—measurements of resources (people, labor, materials) or equipment, or other entities that are important to monitor. Overlay to all of site databases to extract compare operations,shifts, or other measures of importance.

Wonderware IntelaTrac

The industry-leading mobile workforce and decision support system of configurable software and ruggedized mobile hardware to assist operators, field engineers and supervisors to create inspection and regulatory procedures, assign and manage tasks, schedule and execute rounds and report back findings with assigned levels of criticality and severity.

Wonderware Dream Report

Quickly, easily transform raw data into great looking, information-filled reports from multiple data sources using tables, charts, graphs and images. Requires no IT or programming skills.  Significantly reduce report development time, simplify report modifications.  Built-in web-portal makes reports securely available to anyone anytime.

Wonderware InBatch

Manage batch execution more efficiently.  Enforce repeatable quality and increase efficiencies while optimizing each batch as a separate process.  InBatch is control system independent batch management software that can be used for the largest multi-product and multi stream batch operations, including recipe management, material management, concurrent batch scheduling and execution, and server redundancy.

Wonderware Recipe Manager Plus

Reduce the effort to manage your product formulations, set up specifications and equipment procedures on automated production equipment and machines.  Control system independent recipe management software that simplifies management of product formulations, download of formula parameter values and batch execution to produce a specific product on automated equipment.

Wonderware Online InSight

Utilizing the latest in safe, secure Cloud technology, Wonderware offers an innovative solution for collecting, storing and delivering equipment performance data to operators, customers and service teams.

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