Wonderware System Platform 2017

Responsive Control Platform for Supervisory, SCADA, MES and IIoT.

Discover System Platform 2017

For manufacturers and other industrial organizations, one of the major market pressures is to cut down on costs and drive towards achieving operational excellence. To be successful, it is imperative to understand how to leverage information technologies and operational automation, provide visibility, manage compliance and squeeze efficiency out of the operations, in real-time.

System Platform is a complete automation solution that can deliver 40% efficiency gains in the face of changing business and market demands by eliminating the need for scripting or customization, and leveraging reusable visualizations.

System Platform 2017 is the world’s only responsive, scalable platform for Supervisory, SCADA, MES and IIoT applications that integrates the process with the Enterprise. System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes and assets for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support.

System Platform Key Value Drivers

  • Unparalleled Engineering Simplicity
  • Unmatched Operational Agility
  • Real-time Actionable Intelligence
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • Enterprise-wide Standards Compliance
  • Continuous Process Improvement

Let your Engineers be Engineers, not Software Developers.  Build Once. Deploy Anywhere.   Wonderware System Platform 2017

Create immersive user experiences for every device, once.

Create screen resolution independent applications. Your application will look just as nice on 600x800 as it does on high definition without having to rebuild your application. Re-usability of uniform HMI content enables a configure-once-deploy-anywhere approach for the lowest development and maintenance costs.

Add a sixth sense to your User Experience.

The smallest devices are the most personal and the most coveted. People have high expectations of their mobile devices. They expect to control them by touching the screen and manipulating them. System Platform 2017 works on any device and supports multi-touch and gestures interaction, such as swiping, pinch, pan and zoom.

Have your graphics ready in minutes.

HMI development should be focused on designing a user-friendly product, not advanced coding. The HMI designer should not have to worry about the target platform, deployment or system architecture. With System Platform 2017, you can think about where and how you want to interact with your users, not what has to happen behind the scenes to make your HMI work.

Most prevalent IIoT platform in world.

System Platform 2017 is even more open. Third party software partners can leverage the application development environment to build native contextualized apps. These Apps enable the convergence of IT and OT domains while maintaining operational integrity of the control system, and without impacting underlying HMI application design. A holistic framework provides unified architecture designed to improve the asset performance while cutting down energy consumption and waste.

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Complete Industrial Automation

The pace of industry is not slowing down anytime soon. System Platform is a centralized management suite that integrates your people, information and assets.

How System Platform Will Help You

With Wonderware System Platform, you will understand the intricacies of your operations like never before. You will make better decisions in real time, operate equipment more efficiently and collaborate more effectively across all departments.

Helping Engineers:

  • Faster implementations and lower engineering costs
  • Higher application integrity through enterprise-wide standardization
  • Rapid change management to quickly respond to changing business requirements
  • An open platform on which to design secure IIoT applications

Helping Operators:

  • Improved situational awareness due to intuitive, actionable visualizations
  • Increased operator effectiveness and handling of critical abnormalities
  • Minimized shutdowns and system maintenance during unplanned downtime

Helping Remote Users:

  • Securely connect any user, anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Improve the efficiency and responsiveness of your field service and maintenance organization
  • Collaborate with functional teams inside and outside of the plant

Helping IT Managers and CXOs:

  • Effective, timely management using simple intuitive KPIs
  • Common information management, analysis and reporting across all levels of the organization
  • Industrial strength cyber security, audit trails, user and group authentication and access control

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