Wonderware Device Integration

Configure, connect, collect - from device to the enterprise, it’s that simple.

About Wonderware Device Integration

Everyone is talking about connecting the enterprise. Wonderware has been doing it for more than 28 years, and we continue to define the leading edge of enterprise connectivity. The Wonderware Device Integration strategy links virtually every plant information device and source, easily and very cost-effectively. It expands the connectivity spectrum from the data layer to the business and ERP layers, providing raw content for the most advanced industry-wide, global, IoT and cloud-ready communications.

Integrating a wide spectrum of different devices and systems with supervisory HMI and historized data storage has never been easier.  And because Wonderware Device Integration is hardware independent, you enjoy a common interface for configuring, deploying and managing connectivity.

    How powerful is Wonderware Device Integration? Watch this China Ministry of Railway story and find out.

    The longest high-speed rail line in the world operates on Wonderware System Platform – integrating 60 different 3rd party vendors on 220 railway stations, 15 highspeed rail lines, over 200,000 I/O points and 1300 Platforms.


    Having a single common platform for all your connectivity needs simplifies configuration, establishes standards, accelerates implementation, minimizes maintenance and expands your capabilities. Welcome to the world of Wonderware where connectivity is fast, easy, flexible, secure and highly available. Wonderware fully embraces the openness of OPC UA technology, exposing data from products as an OPC UA Client and provides the means to connect to any third party OPC UA Server.


    Rather than designing connectivity around just one vendor line of PLCs or devices like many major HMI brands, Wonderware Device Integration software is hardware independent, so you have the flexibility to connect to any device or PLC with a uniform, intuitive interface efficiently and hassle free.


    Seamless configuration and integration to the world’s most popular HMI (Wonderware InTouch) and Wonderware System Platform — ensure you make the most of your data, transforming it into timely, actionable insight and control.


    Integration with Wonderware System Platform enables drag-and-drop association of objects to field device references based on manufacturer naming conventions prior to deployment. This powerful feature drastically reduces engineering time and frustration, enables live pre-validation of connectivity and improves connectivity accuracy. All major brands of  industrial controllers are supported.

    Choose from a myriad of connectors and communication servers for control devices, applications and systems. Connect automation devices, control systems, HMI systems, historians, relational databases, quality and maintenance systems, enterprise business systems and manufacturing execution systems (MES). Wonderware Device Integration strategy provides data integration capabilities and communications security needed to tie all of your silos of automation together.

    Wonderware Device Integration Features

    With Wonderware Device integration, expect outstanding integration combined with security and ease of use.

    • Outstanding Integration

      DAServers and I/O Servers provide optimum integration with Wonderware products.

    • Security

      System Platform security extends to the data level, so reads and writes to devices and external systems do not have to be customized using scripts.

    • Ease of Use

      Thanks to Wonderware’s Microsoft® Management Console DAServer Manager, DAServers can be activated, deactivated, configured and monitored locally or from remote nodes.

    What’s New with
    Wonderware Device Integration

    Device Integration includes single-node licensing, greater scalability and more improved support for multiple versions. The Wonderware Operation Integration Servers Professional Level include these new and advanced capabilities:


      Reduce Application Costs

      Single-node license now covers as many servers as you want in a single node. Consolidate scattered architectures to fewer nodes.

      Increase Scalability

      Eliminate the need to restrict a single driver to a single node. Now you can run multiple completely independent instances of the same driver in a single node.

      Eliminate Single Points of Failure

      Running multiple instances of the same node isolates any potential problems that may affect one driver instance to just that instance.

      Increase Throughput

      Parallel independent processing of I/O by each individual driver instance results in higher overall throughput per driver and per node.

      Maximize Communication Uptime

      Reduce impact of configuration changes that require driver restarts to a single instance, thus allowing other drivers to continue to run unaffected.

      Support Multiple Versions

      Single-node side-by-side upgrade capability allows running the previous driver version while adding a new version of the same driver protocol. Keeping the old while adding new without having to change existing versions allows continued growth without disruptions.

      Put Wonderware Device Integration
      to Work for You

      Use the link below to find a Wonderware partner that can help you connect with the devices that are driving your operations.