Wonderware Alarm Adviser

Improve operator effectiveness and minimize downtime

About Wonderware Alarm Adviser

Are nuisance alarms affecting your operators’ effectiveness by masking critical alarms? Are excessive alarms overwhelming operators instead of providing greater insight into plant operations?

Wonderware Alarm Adviser is scalable, Web-based alarm analysis software that guides you in managing the alarms that matter most in your plant or facility. It is designed to work with Wonderware InTouch and Wonderware System Platform

Key benefits

  • Greater insight into alarm data
  • Improved operator awareness and response time
  • Reduced risks of unscheduled downtime
  • Improved plant performance and reliability

Access to Process Alarm data, Anytime and Anywhere

Wonderware Alarm Adviser is powerful Web-based alarm analysis software that helps identify and rationalize nuisance alarms.

Alarm Analysis at Your Fingertips

It provides a single means of identifying frequent, standing, fleeting and consequential alarms, which can help your engineers quickly distinguish safety-critical alarms from routine alarms.

Who Benefits from Wonderware Alarm Adviser?

Alarm Adviser enables engineers to quickly identify trends within historic data, assess alarm system performance and discover the root cause(s) of abnormal situations in the plant. It gives engineers a complete overview of the plant and allows them to monitor the health of the plant on a regular basis.

  • Benefits for Engineers

    • Enables engineers to analyze plant processes, identify problems and optimize system performance
    • Facilitates the calibration of SCADA systems to reduce the overall quantity of alarms presented to operators
    • Helps discover correlation between alarms and identify alarms that are likely to trigger other alarms within a selected time period
    • Satisfies the need for a reliable software solution providing detailed system alarm analysis and benchmarking against industry standards

  • Benefits across the Organization

    • Minimizes the risk of unscheduled downtime
    • Helps increase plant productivity and reliability
    • Follows best practices and industry standards for effective alarm management
    • Provides an almost immediate payoff, start analyzing alarms within minutes of installation

  • Benefits for Operators

    • Improves the quality of alarm messages being presented to operator control stations
    • Helps reduce alarm quantity and improve the notification quality of alarm system(s)
    • Empowers operators with the right information at the right time to ensure the plant’s safety 
    • Saves time and effort required to diagnose plant upsets or incidents
    • Improves operator awareness and effectiveness

Wonderware Alarm Adviser Features

Get consolidated view of the alarm profile over time, analyze alarm patterns and identify nuisance alarms that can distract operators. Reduce alarm overload and improve the quality of alarms being presented to the control room, ensuring improved operator awareness and efficiency.

In-Depth Visual Alarm History Analysis

  • Filter alarms for a given time period - by severity, time of day, day of week, plant area, alarm category.
  • Interactive timeline bar allows users to zoom in on a specific time range.
  • Create analysis reports for the most frequent, fleeting (short duration) and standing (long duration) alarms, and identify alarms that should be targeted first.
  • “Consequence” view facilitates the discovery of correlation between alarms. This information allows engineers to implement state-based suppression (a new feature in Wonderware System Platform) to greatly improve the ability for an operator to discover the root cause of an issue.

Customizable Dashboard

The customizable dashboard makes it possible to benchmark and maintain alarm system performance alarms for continuous process improvement. User configurable widgets can be added to the dashboard. 

  • Alarm Severity Distribution: Displays the distribution of alarm severity (critical, high, medium, low) in a specified period
  • Alarm Rate: Shows the peak or average alarm rate over a period of time for the selected interval per operator

Optimize Alarms: View a wide range of user configurable widgets through your dashboard. Set KPI targets and compare recent and past performance to track improvement over time

Unlimited Analysis Clients

Alarm Adviser allows unlimited number of analysis clients, which gives you freedom to add and use as many devices as you need.

What’s New with
Wonderware Alarm Adviser

Improved correlations, multi-language support and addition of new SCADA collectors are among the new capabilities of Wonderware Alarm Adviser.


    Multi-Language Support

    New multi-language support enables the use of software in different languages including English, French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Dutch and Simplified Chinese.

    Wonderware Alarm Adviser Technical Specifications

    Alarm adviser can be used with Wonderware System Platform and InTouch.

    SCADA System Compatibility
    • Wonderware System Platform 2012 v3.5 and higher (A2ALMDB or WWALMDB)
    • Wonderware InTouch 2012/v10.5 and higher (WWALMDB)
    System Requirements
    • Microsoft Windows® Server 2012 and 2012 R2
    • Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, and 8.1 operating systems (32-bit or 64-bit)
    • Microsoft SQL Server® 2012 and 2012 SP1 (both Express and Standard)
    • Web browsers supported include Microsoft Internet Explorer 10/11, Google Chrome 33 and higher, Safari-iPad
    • Webserver-based backend than can be accessed from any HTML5-compliant Web browser client
    • Seamless connectivity to Wonderware InTouch and System Platform
    • SCADA collectors to import alarm data from the Wonderware InTouch alarm database (WWALMDB) and Wonderware System Platform alarm database (A2ALMDB)
    • Allows import and analysis of 10 GB of alarm data (or more depending on SQL version)
    Compliance with alarm management regulations and best practices
    • Out-of-the-box metrics comply with EEMUA 191
    • Tailor metrics to suit your plant’s specific requirements
    Easy to install and use
    • No IIS and no additional application engineering time needed
    • Works directly on the SCADA, no historian required – cost effective
    • Language support: French, Italian, Spanish, Czech, Dutch and Simplified Chinese
    • Export to CSV

    Put Wonderware Alarm Adviser to Work for You

    Use the link below to find a Wonderware partner who can help you stem alarm floods.