Wonderware Partner Community

Interested in becoming a Wonderware partner?

Wonderware recognizes that partners play a critical role in selling, developing, integrating and maintaining solutions

The community includes the following sales, integration or technology specialists:

  • Wonderware Distributors, the primary Wonderware channel to market, provide sales, technical and training support to customers and partners
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers incorporate Wonderware technology into their offerings
  • Systems integrators work closely with distributors in joint pursuits to install, configure and manage Wonderware solutions at customer sites
  • Technology alliance partners are independent software vendors with deep technology sharing, co-development and marketing collaboration
  • Product partners develop complementary solutions based on the Wonderware, Avantis and SimSci platforms

Why Partner With Wonderware?

Industry Leading Technology

  • InTouch – the world’s most popular HMI, enterprise and machine editions
  • System Platform and Industrial Server – the world’s most powerful and open industrial integration and runtime platform, combining the ease of use and pervasiveness of Microsoft technology with industrial strength reliability and security
  • Wonderware MES, Batch, and Workflow – a complete suite of unmatched manufacturing operations management offerings
  • Wonderware Historian, Intelligence and Mobile applications – complete suite of unrivaled information capture and analysis software

Technical and Training Support Programs

  • Leverage our expertise providing solutions that meet the business and operational needs of key industrial sectors to complement your company’s design, integration and delivery expertise into target industries in your region
  • Capitalize on our customer satisfaction and loyalty rates — the highest of any industrial automation vendor today
  • Drive demand and market reach
  • Leverage our market leading industry presence backed by over 600,000 software licenses in approximately 125,000 plants worldwide, which is about 36 percent of the world’s 350,000 plants with 20 or more employees
  • Participate in promotional opportunities to expand industry awareness and footprint
  • Gain access to new opportunities as you grow and expand your advanced solutions, capabilities and industry skills
  • Be at the forefront of innovation in the industry. Subject to eligibility, participate in product beta programs and feedback forums to contribute to product development prior to release
  • Send teams to outstanding instructor-led classroom training (for a fee)

Marketing Support

  • SI Partner Program Logo: Permission to use appropriate program tier and certification logo in your sales and marketing materials
  • Shared promotional event participation
  • Website Listing: Software Ecosystem Partner Directory listing and dedicated company profile page to showcase your expertise
  • Endorsed SI company page within the Software Knowledge Center
  • Marketing Development Fund (MDF) Program to support targeted go-to-market campaigns for strategic partners
  • Special invitations to our events and training sessions

Comprehensive Product Support

  • Before, during and after the sale, comprehensive product support promotes consistency across territories, regardless of customer location.

Partner-focused Programs

  • Lead allocation through our authorized distributor network (varies by region)
  • Free and fee based online training and certification for both sales and technical staff
  • Industry-recognized call center, email and online technical support combined with Level 1 support from regional distributors
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing support in each region to drive leads and close business
  • Access to dedicated account management for those partners authorized at the Endorsed SI land Specialist Solutions Provider Partner levels

Collaboration on opportunities

  • Expand your automation offerings and service capabilities through collaboration with an established industrial automation leader delivering advanced application solutions in MES and enterprise control systems
  • Draw on our global community of distributors, system integrators, solutions providers, OEMs, product partners and technology alliances to drive new and repeat business

Sales Support

  • Consignment Service and Support - Reduced rates for software and support
  • Pre and Post-Sales Support — Qualified lead generation and collaborative sales plan-development and execution, market development, and dedicated account team with support through local field representatives

Be part of the family

  • Participate in business planning with regional Wonderware Team
  • Participate in collaborative delivery services program

Why Systems Integrators Partner With Wonderware

The Wonderware SI Partner Programs recognize participants by their level of experience and certifications with Wonderware products, delivery capabilities and industry-related expertise. In addition, SI partner organizations have access to a robust methodology to nurture the skills and expertise of employees that provides a competitive edge in delivering successful projects and retaining high-quality employees. Our goal is to provide our mutual customers with expertise close at hand, no matter where they are in the world.

Platform to Engage

The purpose of the Wonderware Partner Programs is to attract, support and retain skilled System Integrator (SI) partners to deliver highly efficient solutions to end-users, utilizing the market-leading Wonderware software solutions.


The Wonderware Certification Competency Program provides validation of our SI partners’ expertise with our products. We encourage end-users to require that their preferred partners attain the highest levels of delivery expertise and certification with our portfolio of products. SIs that are certified have demonstrated expertise with a wide range of technologies.


Wonderware recognizes that our community of fully-vetted system integrators is key to delivering our technologies. Maintaining collaborative business relationships with and within our global partner community facilitates customer access to an SI community with exceptional vertical industry focus to deliver the business results that our customers’ needs.

Platform to Grow and Differentiate Your Business

Our Partner Programs recognize the range of business performance and technical capabilities of our system integrator community. The premier delivery partners in the Wonderware SI Partner Program are Endorsed System Integrators. This is an invitation-only level for companies who have validated technical excellence, multiple years of certification and project management experience with Wonderware solutions, combined with high levels of customer service.

Platform for Reward

With the Wonderware SI Partner program the more you invest in your Wonderware practice the more opportunities your company has to move up to the higher levels and gain higher rewards. The type of rewards you are eligible for are based on your Wonderware SI Partner Program authorization level. Reference the table to the right for benefits specific to each authorized SI Partner level.

Wonderware System Integrator Partner Program Levels

There are various levels of Wonderware Systems Integrator Certifications. Only System Integrators with proven technical excellence, customer service and integrity participate in our Endorsed and Certified SI programs. We maintain strong relationships with this community to ensure that they are knowledgeable about upcoming product releases, support updates and other information critical to the successful delivery of customer projects.

Registered SI Partner

The entry level to the program, the Registered SI tier, fits organizations that simply need to have access to a development system and the basic resources to deliver a successful project. To participate, SIs should contact their local Wonderware Distributor, who in turn sponsors the SI and application to join the Wonderware SI Partner Program. As part of the local on-boarding process the SI may attend product training through their sponsoring Authorized Wonderware Distributor.

A registered partner has:

  • Received distributor sponsorship
  • Completed enrollment into the Wonderware
  • SI program
  • Purchased annual consignment subscription and support
  • Completed product-specific training (local requirements vary) 

Certified SI Partner Site Certification

For those companies who want to fully-leverage the benefits of the Wonderware System Integrator Partner Program, the program certifies SIs who have proven project delivery using certain products, integrating solutions on our System Platform or with particular vertical industry applications or technology toolkits.

A certified partner has:

  • Validated technical proficiency in one or more product categories (multiple certifications are available)
  • Multiple fully-trained and Certified Developers for at least two products
  • Demonstrated multiple successful implementations of current Wonderware products in the first year, with continuing implementations annually

Certifications are based on a stepped-system. An SI Partner starts with the Wonderware InTouch Software Certified Partner Level. With more experience a Partner can move on to Wonderware System Platform Certification, and fully engage with AVEVA on MES opportunities through system certification as a Wonderware Operations Software and/or Wonderware Performance Software Certified Partner. Our website partner directory listing promotes the certifications that apply to a partner’s site.

Endorsed SI Partner

The Endorsed SI Partner level of the Wonderware System Integrator Program is designed for those partners who have demonstrated the greatest commitment to building a strong Wonderware software practice within their business. Endorsed SI Partners are among the best-in-class in providing our mutual customers with comprehensive software solutions that increase customer efficiency, reduce costs and maximize customer profits. The Endorsed SI level is by invitation and requires sponsorship by the Regional AVEVA channel team.

Only companies with the following capabilities are open for consideration:

  • Multiple years of certification and project management experience on our platform products
  • An exclusive relationship with the Wonderware software  business practice teams
  • Met target criteria in a range of business, operational and delivery performance areas

Specialist Solutions Providers

Wonderware Specialist Solutions Provider Partners are a select group with validated in-depth experience and expertise in the sales, design, delivery, deployment and support of advanced application industrial automation, complex operational and business process solutions into the major Manufacturing Industry sectors in the Asia Pacific Region. They provide:

  • A resource for sales, consulting, solutions design, integration and support services
  • Advanced application solutions skills to ensure quality in the delivery of a customer solution
  • Experience working with legacy multi-vendor hardware and software
  • Certified in the Wonderware products combined with Industry certifications
  • Able to look holistically at the specific plant and business process operational needs
  • Skilled at applying best practices delivery methodologies throughout the project lifecycle
  • All SSP Partners meet global anti-bribery and regulatory compliance standards

Wonderware Certified Developers

For an SI to achieve the various levels of certification in the Wonderware System Integrator Partner Program, the company must have multiple Certified Developers on staff. The certification process is governed by our Certified Competency Program, which provides examinations on a broad array of products ranging from Wonderware InTouch HMI to Wonderware Operations and Wonderware Performance, as well as toolkits, industry applications and other software offering brands. Exams are designed to challenge developers and to measure their mastery of the technology area being evaluated.

Applying for Certified Developer Certification Prospective Certified Developers must apply for exams through their local distributor of Wonderware products. Certified Developer exams are online technical exams. Certified Developer exams are available at the System Integrator Resource Center along with other technical resources. Once a registrant has obtained a Certified Developer User ID from their sponsoring Wonderware Distributor, the developer will have access to all product exams and will receive their results immediately. Upon passing the exam, the developer will receive a Certified Developer I.D. card by mail listing all certifications and will be able to gain access to our support knowledge base and, unique to this program, have access to Level 2 technical support from AVEVA Global Customer Support senior support engineers.

Be Part of Something Bigger


Participation in the Wonderware software community connects you with more than 100 years of experience in real-time measurement and production operations management, backed by superior lifecycle support and a long track record of forward product migration. Our community members have received numerous practice awards in areas such as measurements, instruments, systems, software, applications and services that enable operations excellence across a wide range of manufacturing and infrastructure industries.


Our unified software platform and system serves enterprises with a single application environment for a range of functions—automation, supervisory, mobile operations, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI), connecting to ERP—all to save customers the expense and difficulty of integrating, operating and maintaining multiple systems.


Collaboration with such a strong partner network means Wonderware never stops innovating, from the latest evolution of Wonderware InTouch HMI to the next evolution of our MES and EMI software; from a cutting-edge energy management application to advanced SimSci process optimization solutions. And for off-the-shelf applications addressing specific challenges like packaging line efficiency, Wonderware and our Software Ecosystem Partners enable end users to quickly deploy to take advantage of savings and improvements.

Partner Competency Program

The Partner Product Certification Competency Program provides system integrators with the opportunity to earn prestige for the company as a whole and to enhance the individual careers of the application developers they employ.

Measure of a Company and Employee Technical Skills

Certification programs offer an objective, quantitative means for measuring and rewarding the technical skills of the solution providers.

Customer Selection Criteria

Certification gives customers using Wonderware the peace of mind that SIs with whom they engage know how to get the most functionality and capabilities from Wonderware software.

Market Branding

Being certified gives SI application developer’s opportunities to earn prestige for the company as a whole and to enhance their individual careers.

Invitation Only Events

Wonderware Certified Partners get special invitations to the Wonderware Software events and training sessions.

How do you join the Partner Community?

Regardless of where you are located, the first step in becoming a Wonderware partner is sponsorship by an authorized Wonderware Distributor. Distributors administer partner relationships using a common set of protocols, which have been adapted locally.

Authorized Wonderware Distributors will also engage with a local Wonderware regional sales manager who may also refer potential SIs and share responsibility for ensuring SIs enroll properly, participate and abide by program policies and procedures.

Technology Alliance partners sign up directly they are global strategic partners e.g. Microsoft. Product Partners the same they engage with AVEVA Partner Group and product team not distributors to get signed up. Product partners have their products sold through distributors when they have an authorized product to sell.