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Wonderware ISVs

ISV DAServer or I/O Server Product Details

Modicon MODBUS Plus DDE Server, extended functions

Company: Klinkmann Automaatio Oy

P.O. Box 38
Fonseenintie 3
Helsinki, - FIN-00371
Contact Information:
- -
Phone: +358 9 540 4940
Fax: +358 9 541 3541

Product: Modicon MODBUS Plus DDE Server, extended functions: Uses FastDDE

Platforms: - Windows 2000
Devices: Modicon 484, 584/984, AT984, MC984 PLCs

For accessing data from Modbus Plus network using SA-85 or PCI85 interface cards. The software for 1-hour test use, including manual file, is in free downloading at

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