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Siemens S5 3964/3964R Protocol I/O Server and OPC Server with Modem Support: Uses FastDDE

Platforms: - Windows 2000 - Windows XP - Windows Server 2003 - Windows Server 2008 - Vista Business/Ultimate

Protocols: Serial RS-232 and Multidrop RS-422 using 3964 and 3964R protocols. 3964R variant is identical to 3964 except it does not use a Byte Check Character.

Devices: 90U,95U,100U - 100U, 100U - 101, 100U - 103, 101U, 115U - 941,115U - 942, 115U - 943, 115U - 944, 115U - 945, 135U - 921, 135U - 922, 135U - 928, 155U - 946, 155U - 947

Connect your Siemens S5 PLCs via serial RS-232 or RS-422 connections to interface modules in the PLC rack using 3964/3964R protocol to Wonderware Intouch or Industrial Applications Server using this product. Native Suitelink connections provide ease of setup and strong performance with InTouch. Open OPC DA interfaces that have been interoperability tested provide the connection to Industrial Applications Server. The dial-up modem support in the serial drivers in this server is probably the easiest to use and setup on the market. Software Toolbox has extensive experience with our I/O Servers with Wonderware InTouch and provides very accessible, knowledgeable technical support with each purchase. Free Video and Using with InTouch Application Notes included.

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Company Info

Software Toolbox

148A East Charles Street
Matthews, NC 28105

Contact Info

Contact: Mr. John Weber
Phone: 704-849-2773
Fax: 704-849-6388


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Wonderware Partner detail - Software Toolbox - Siemens S5 3964/3964R Protocol I/O Server and OPC Server with Modem Support